Peace and Blessings

Welcome to YahYah’s. Our names are David and LaKendra, but we are more affectionately known as Manu and Hadassah. 

Several years ago our family decided that we would return to the way of the Torah and no longer eat certain foods. Among those foods was one of Texas BBQ’s staples…Pork! Sure, we could swap out the pork ribs for beef ribs, throw in a few briskets, but… what is BBQ without sausage? 

In our search for a delicious beef sausage, we learned that the majority of beef sausages sold were actually wrapped in pork casings (also known as pig intestines or ‘chitlins’). This birthed the journey to produce a truly 100% beef sausage NOT wrapped in pork. Once we found the perfect recipe and method, we discovered that we were not the only ones with a pork aversion. We encountered hundreds of people who shared our love for BBQ and did not eat pork. With much prayer, and a love for making great food that tastes great, we started YahYah’s.

We work as a family to produce high quality meats for our customers, with attention to detail put into every part of the process. We handcraft our sausages, and put as much loving care into the food we serve to your family as we do for our own. And it shows. Taste and see for yourself!

Family owned and operated. 
Come taste the difference!
Manu & Hadassah
Owners of YahYahs BBQ
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